Sam Russell

Sam Russell | Solutions Engineer
Solutions Engineer

Did you choose the data business or did it choose you?
I did a programming course in 1994 and had begun writing macros at my job prior to ’94, to stave off death-by-boredom. I loved this work from the word go. Personal career highlights: working in London and finishing up my BCom in Economics and Investment Valuation at UNISA, in 2014.

Your work is about
Applying the skills I have to the task at hand. 

Sometimes Tableau, sometimes SQL, sometimes database design, sometimes ETL / Data Warehousing development.

It’s a win
Because I like process efficiency, so anything to make people more efficient is a win.

The more you do this the more you realise
That challenging problems are a much better option than mundane ones.

Please give me
More challenging problems (!) A good book on economics, thinking, behaviour or social justice.My running shoes and an hour on the mountain.

Nicest client compliment
Always being invited to extend my contracts.

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