Richard Jones

Richard Jones | Consultant
BI Contractor / Consultant

Before the data business
I did a short programming course as part of my B.Sc, and liked the immediacy of data. But my career actually started as a technician installing voicemail machines. I’ve had interests in life science, alternative energy and property.

I’ve always come back to IT.

In the technical service industry
If I help people make better decisions by supplying the correct information, then I’m satisfied. I enjoy the intellectual challenge.

Mainly what you do is
Developmental: data warehouse development, report programming, website building. Increasingly I’m in operational processes.

What most people don’t know about me
After my B.Sc I trained as a plumber.

You don’t just build websites and databases
I work on my house. Bricklaying, carpentry, gardening, all that.                                                                                                             

Best ever client quip
“I don’t know what they are paying you, but it’s not enough”
(Corporate client 1999)

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