Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds | Solutions Engineer
Solutions Engineer

You do
Whatever needs doing. In no particular order: analyse data, create reports, debug software, inspire confidence, respond to difficulties, investigate anomalies, ask questions, grapple with databases.

You’re here because
I always look to the horizon.
As a CA years ago, I watched an IT consultant having loads of fun working with software and, after some tinkering, decided to change lanes. There was a time when didn’t know this world existed.

Designing data is an adventure
Because it’s incredibly satisfying helping people succeed with their own work challenges. Problems to be solved are puzzles and mostly fun to work with.

I’ll never forget what one client said
‘You have an undefined quality that made the difference in starting the ball rolling to solve the problem at hand.’

Defining moment in your professional life
Realising that enjoying my day job every day was much more important than going through the motions. Losing a contract position and everything I owned.

At the end of the day
I’ll be playing board games, long boarding, swimming, marking out a few tai-chi steps, chomping on sci-fi, fantasy or books on metaphysics.

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