Mark Gelman

Mark Gelman | Consultant

In the beginning
I was involved in helping out with some spreadsheet type stuff at the dining room table.

And now?
Well, it evolved naturally from the dining room table. Now I do anything and everything, from building and maintaining a sales pipeline to Tableau training, as well as technical and project consulting.

The idea of working with data happened
By degrees. Within a relatively short time, Andrew started introducing me as his ‘database expert’ (!) probably because I had some vague idea of how relational databases worked. From there it was just a progression.

One thing you know
There is always something to learn, and success in consulting is mostly not about being a technology expert; it has to do with being a systematic and flexible thinker with access to specific technology expertise. Being ethical, punctual, helpful and flexible makes the difference between good and great. When the expectation of the client is met or exceeded, everyone gets to sleep easier at night.

Besides data, you like to get lost in
My trail running shoes. Cycling, yacht racing, reading, DIY.

Highest client praise
Being introduced (alongside Andrew) to Pam Golding by her HR manager as “two of our top consultants”.

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