Fundiswa Masekwana

Fundiswa Masekwana | Solutions Engineer
Solutions Engineer

In a day’s work
I develop, support and maintain Tableau, Actian vector and Alteryx based on Business Intelligence and Data Analytics systems.

Defining moment in your career
The email that said that I’d got the job.
This whole experience has been defining. I started with Slipstream in 2014.

Your secret ingredients?
Passion and positivity.
Huge desire to get more knowledge in database systems and become an expert – and an asset.

You’re a team asset because
I never take things personally. Being happy. Having patience.

And what else?
The HTML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, MySQL, PHP (application development) obtained from varsity projects and IBM certification program helps me to make myself useful!

Besides JavaScript (etc) you like to read
About food and fashion. ‘Positivity’ by Dr Barbara Frederickson. ‘The Great Controversy’ by Ellen G. White

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