Dwight Sibiya

Dwight Sibiya | Data Detangler
Data Detangler

You’re here because
Andrew asked me. I got tasked to sell Tableau to whoever would listen – and the rest is history.I wasn’t ever aware of BI. I planned to work in the technology space but not in the data world.

The one thing you know
Besides hard work, listening twice as much as I speak is important, and focusing on the unspoken information is just as important.

Best thing a client ever said
Your response time is incredible.’

You’re responsible for
Assisting clients with all manner of information from sales to support. Assisting the office with all operational needs and know all there is to know about the ins and outs of Tableau Software.

When not doing things with data you’re
Hitting or kicking a ball around. Making sure I stay physically fit enough to keep mentally fit.

You also make the time for
Reading autobiographies,
sports books, psychology and business
politics narratives.

Defining moment in your work life / career
Going to Business School in 2013.

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